Motorola Laptop Dock is the mobile command center to the Atrix 4Gs

first_imgWe’re already blown away by the Motorola Atrix 4G which — despite not running on a 4G network — is still the most sickeningly powerful smartphone on the planet, but our respect becomes awe when we behold the Atrix 4G Laptop Dock, which proves that the world’s most powerful smartphone is also powerful enough to drive a functional notebook computer..The Atrix 4G is like Optimus Prime: take the cab alone and it’s a pretty cool robot, but connect the cab to his trailer and all of a sudden it’s a robot with its own mobile battle center. Snap the Atrix into the rear of the laptop dock and all of a sudden, you have an 11.6-inch notebook running at 2GHz, in which the Atrix itself functions as the removable engine of a thin laptop.AdChoices广告This is already pretty incredible, but the Atrix 4G Laptop Dock also seem to have had considerable polish put into its execution. For example, slap your Atrix 4G into the laptop dock, and it will transition smoothly between smartphone and notebook with no reboot required. Even better, the laptop dock has an internal battery included that will not only juice up your smartphone when you’re away from the power mains, but will also drive your Atrix-powered notebook for up to eight hours.The idea of using a smartphone as the engine to power a notebook has been around for a few years, but it looks like Motorola’s the first company to actually execute it. Unfortunately, there’s no current pricing or release info, so how much this will set us back when it drops is anyone’s guess: I’m guessing a couple bills at least.Read more at DVICElast_img