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buy a bra, you may buy Miss fudge said, wearing a bra must take the armpit fat plug in! Do women know? If things go on like this, you may get cancer. Long time squeezing Furu, cause local blood circulation is not smooth, will occur in proliferative diseases and increase canceration chance.

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do not look down on the breast, it is also the same as the breast mood. The body has two “milk line” from both sides armpit to genitals, but human evolution has only retained a on the other side of breast, breast was degenerated. However, the clinical others can grow to two or even three of the breast, nipple and areola, the breast tissue. 95% of the breast occurs in the chest, more common in the armpit. A gland tissue accessory can occur with the menstrual cycle of pain, benign and malignant tumors may also occur accessory breast.

once found a mass in the armpit, to carefully identify the breast is a long lump or breast tumor extension. As a result of the vice breast attached to the skin to grow, or grow larger, it will make people feel discomfort armpit, but also affect the appearance, according to individual wishes to be removed. However, the gland tissue Furu, usually do not have any symptoms, do not affect the physical activity and does not affect the appearance.

expert advice, do not squeeze Furu, usually try not to pull two, especially in wearing a bra, wearing the right bra size and tightness, choose a sleeveless shirt when the chest size is not too narrow. In some “magic breast” as a selling point to emphasize the shaping bra wearing all stuffed bra in the armpit of fat, this is “plump chest”. However, this is equivalent to long time squeezing Furu, cause local blood circulation is not smooth, can also occur proliferative diseases and increase canceration chance.

you do not know the breast health care life need to pay attention to

1, wearing a bra can not stop sagging chest

breast sagging irreversible, wearing a bra for ease of sagging breasts do have a certain role in mitigation. In general, due to gravity, tend to have breast sagging, breast ptosis will affect the blood flow of the chest, the blood silt exists easy chest, which in turn will affect breast development, wearing a bra can overcome the effects of gravity on the breast. For their larger breasts, the method of wearing a bra does not play a role in preventing sagging breasts. Wearing a bra in the short term may have a certain effect on breast sagging, but when the breast to a certain extent, wearing a bra is not able to stop its sagging.

2, from the angle of health is not necessary to increase steel

bra will place rim is mainly due to the design function, from the current situation, the vast majority of sports bra is not placed steel is mainly due to motion to reduce friction compression or consideration. The design of sports underwear takes into account the factors such as displacement, deformation and so on, so it will be more emphasis on the chest