Taobao mall issued new regulations fee up fake fake a compensable five smuggled goods

October 10th news, Taobao mall will be officially upgraded business management system. In this adjustment, consumers will be the biggest beneficiaries, once you buy fake will get a false one compensate five compensation, while other businesses violations will be greatly increased the magnitude of consumer compensation.

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, Taobao Mall ( the establishment of special management system upgrade merchant breach deposit system, businessmen in Taobao mall according to the business or the agent of the brand to pay default margin. Once the business has reached a certain degree of breach of contract, will be deducted at least 10 thousand yuan margin, margin directly into the consumer protection fund to provide protection for consumers.

at the same time, in order to encourage businesses to take a more serious approach to the behavior of the mall, Taobao mall will be the original annual technical service fee of 6000 yuan increased to $30 thousand and $two grade. At the same time, the implementation of conditional technical service fee at the end of the return of the system, Taobao mall will according to the compliance business scale, service quality indicators of business technical service fee of part or full refund.

“increase the service fee is to guide businesses to improve its quality of service, many businesses will say, how the technical service fee rose, also rose so much, my answer is according to the policy we now return the design, and finally had to see their own businesses.” Taobao mall President Zhang Yong in an open letter to the merchant said, as long as businesses and services to consumers well (with the DSR score, consumers reflect) business to a certain scale, the technical service fee is part or all returned to businesses.

Taobao Mall ( also made clear to the “zero tolerance of fake smuggled goods”. If the merchant once sold fake and smuggled goods, will be immediately closed shop, and deduct all liability for breach of contract margin. At the same time consumers will get a false one compensate five compensation.

in addition, in the Taobao Mall ( in the new rules, the description of the business does not match, delayed delivery, breach of promise and other cases have also made claims. Businesses in addition to a full restitution payment, payment payment amount of additional payment as a percentage of consumers. Such as business delays in delivery, buyers need to pay 30% of the actual transaction price of the goods as liquidated damages, and the maximum amount of not more than $500.