How to promote the use of joint operating platform website

webmaster to join bubble play, YES play, play alliances and other joint operating platform, in addition to the promotion of their game to get a certain amount of revenue, but also use their platform to promote their own personal website.

now several major transport platform on the home page, there are links to join the site show. Bubble play, YES play, play, and so on have the latest to join the site, the most active sites and other places to display the site to join. However, due to the daily registration of new sites to join more, the latest to join the site link appears on the home page will be relatively short, little publicity value. If you can do the most active site and maintain a ranking over a period of time, then the flow will be very impressive. Because of the joint operation of the platform itself flow are good, and they are joining the platform of individual owners, individual owners in order to draw and evaluate do good site experience or reality, usually some website and click on “the most active sites in the look. If you can really do TOP10, then every day through the platform to bring the flow is also very objective (although the value is not large, but can enhance the flow of traffic to a grade). This, of course, only a few of the basic webmaster can do it.

in addition, several major transport platform has its own exchange forum and exchange QQ group. Can go to the forum every day, published or reply to several water paste, published under the promotion of experience, such as the problem of finding (or such official is generally not deleted), and left their official website or game channel. Some believe, hope to draw on the experience of the station will click over to see the. In addition, you can also add some external links for their website. At the same time, also can be in the QQ group inside, every time to show your own web site (to exchange links, or publish the webmaster topics of interest, such as the “method” the most effective promotion of several games like), but also how much traffic to fool (administrator is generally not tube the).

earn money, the use of their hair advertising is also good, oh, you can try the webmaster.

may not be aware of some of the owners of those joint operating platform, then please refer to my previous for Admin5 wrote the domestic 8 major joint operation of the web game platform introduction

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