Groupon embark on a new journey to create a local business operating system


group purchase originator Groupon embarked on the transformation of

introduction: foreign media wrote today, with the cool group purchase industry demand, as the originator of the group purchase Groupon also began to explore a new path of development. According to the company’s founder Andrew · (Andrew), Mason, Groupon will be fully integrated into the various aspects of local businesses, to create a local business operating system. In order to achieve this goal, he even personally went to the Japanese restaurant as a greeter.

below is the full text of the article:

in Japanese restaurants when usher

has an excellent Japanese restaurant near Park Park in Chicago (Wicker). This restaurant has opened for many years, still bustling, come to visit the people not only have tattooed suits and trendsetter, white-collar. The waiter is uniform all black dress, hair up, they kept the customer end plates of sashimi. According to the comments published on Yelp, although the store’s food prices are expensive, but it is worth the money. The weekend evening, where customers may have the privilege to enjoy a “surprise — put fine timber to petty use” as Groupon founder and CEO Andrew · Mason (Andrew Mason) may act as ushers, personally for them the way.

in addition to the customer the gate to pay tribute to them, “Mason said,” I will go away in the lobby and kitchen use different system, input complicated data. This technology is confusing the restaurant and I’m trying to sort it out.”

Mason said that this experience helped him understand how local businesses deal with reservations, billing and inventory work. This is behind the scenes, but in his view, this is precisely the future of Groupon. Mason founded Groupon in 2008, specializes in selling discount spa and half pizza. Just 4 years later, it has become a company with 12 thousand and 500 employees of the listed company.

with the help of a new Internet promotion model, the company’s business scope has been greatly expanded. From the 40 percent off Android tablet computer, low beekeeping training, the company attracted 36 million users in 48 countries and regions worldwide. Mason has built up his own business empire by convincing retailers and restaurants to offer discounts, but now he’s starting to think more about the business model. “I didn’t think it would be so hard to run a small company.” He said.

questioned Mason’s few people, and when they heard this, they might say, “Mason doesn’t know how to run a big company.”. Groupon has gone from what Forbes calls “the fastest growing company ever.”