Google why fight Baidu

Google why fight but Baidu, of course, a lot of reasons. However, according to my observation, one of the important reasons is that Google has been to send traffic to Baidu, but Baidu did not return equally. You don’t have to be surprised at what I said. If you use Google and Baidu to search for information, you will know that I am right.

previously, many people said that Google did not do a similar Baidu post bar such a product is Google’s mistakes, and now this view has been confirmed because of the huge popularity and influence of Baidu post bar. Today I would like to go further to the point of view: Google does not have its own content repository is another major mistake Google. I do not refer to the content of the database is Google and Baidu as a search engine, the number of pages they included. In fact, the number of personal feeling Google included more than the number of pages, Baidu, you ask the individual owners who can be confirmed. I’m talking about another kind.

or I said at the beginning, if you often use Google and Baidu search information, you will find that a lot of things, you search to search will unconsciously from Google to Baidu. In particular, knowledge of things, for example, I search what is Wiki, Google search results page, ranked first in the Baidu know answer. You want to know “what is Wiki”, the first choice is not to look at the “Baidu know” this page? This is what I said, Google to send traffic to Baidu. You use Baidu search “Wiki is what”, ranked first in the “Baidu encyclopedia” knowledge page, Baidu to the flow of their own. Because the ultimate results of Google and Baidu search Baidu, if you often use search engines, you should not come to a conclusion, since always want to return to Baidu, not as good as their direct use of Baidu.

I think, in fact, Google should know what I said above. However, on this issue, Google is in a dilemma, that is, if not the Baidu “Baidu knows”, “Baidu encyclopedia” and other pages in an important position, in addition to a miscarriage of justice, but also give users a reliable results. If the Baidu page ranked in the first few, it is obvious to Baidu traffic. Google or Baidu to after all is said and done, have to work. Google’s problem is that it does not know Baidu, Baidu encyclopedia and other products, precisely Google is not able to bring their own content of the flow of resources.

Speaking of

content repository, I think of recent website, a friend recommended that HDWiki stuff. Is a domestic wiki industry called interactive online ( website of green free open source software. This software supports Discuz and UC, and by Discuz! Official certification. It is actually a knowledge base system software, suitable for local websites, industry websites and various forums to build their own professional Encyclopedia channel. I looked at some of the sites that have used the software, such as the forum, use it to create a professional knowledge base of the forum, the knowledge base can be