Why do have to do a lot of people think that a large comprehensive platform of bullshit

10000 CEO Yang Guojian

why do I have to do a lot of people think that large comprehensive platform bullshit? In the eyes of many people, the Alibaba Ma did not succeed in doing things is generally impossible to succeed. Moreover, at present there is no comprehensive large-scale platform to live well. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the big guys, but you never thought that they didn’t do it for a reason. They mainly do the platform can not meet the needs of users, just stay in the information provided above, although there are also online trading function, but why not deal? So from this point of view gives me the opportunity (10000), indicating that they have not found the key to open the treasure house of A. Furthermore, many people believe that Ma did not succeed in doing things others can’t succeed, I think this idea is too narrow, innovation is always beyond the former generations, never heard of who has no ability with no predecessors after. So there is no comprehensive platform for success this is just an opportunity, as long as the understanding of the problem and solve the problem, the rest of the time is to witness the miracle. Believe me, my spirit is absolutely normal, no epilepsy, two will not smoke money.

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