Hangzhou daily in Entrepreneurship authors books

over the past two years, the sales of various types of books began to rise, reflecting the public’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship continues to improve. Can these books provide entrepreneurial help to the younger generation? Different people may have different opinions.

“recent books by entrepreneurial blitz, but many popular books after reading can only stimulate entrepreneurial passion, rarely provide practical experience for them down to earth.” Yesterday, the two entrepreneurial background contact the author of the Hangzhou daily, to launch a “conveying entrepreneurial wisdom, not only is the chicken soup”, donated books to the 50 famous incubator and venture cafe in Hangzhou, hope that through this activity to allow entrepreneurs to read the real business of dry cargo abandon impetuous gas, and in the public environment the entrepreneurial innovation “to create value in the entrepreneurial mind.

the author of this book, one of the founders of Liangze Lu, who in 2013 won the world youth entrepreneur PITCH champion, is China hotel reservation mode, sharing founder, who at the age of 37 foreign trade companies, factories and industrial areas of Internet information services had three business experience.

let reading become entrepreneurs in the process of growth habits and ways. Lv Liangze initiated this event at the same time, the other 2 entrepreneurial best-selling author applauding and support response, adding to this meaningful activity, they are “everyone is a product manager” Su Jie and Fan Bing the author of “hacker” growth.

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