Webmaster, please protect your domain name

the day before yesterday, a friend told me that im286.com bought back luowuzhe.com and suddenly felt a sense of loss and some relief. Why,


1, as an amateur in the domain of investment, why didn’t I think ahead because of the recent acquisition of luowuzhe.com? Zhifu.com, zhifubao.com domain name acquisition activities, as I concern the webmaster should also have the awareness about this domain, so it is called the lost;

2, when he heard the news, I feel a bit whois, confirmed that Dong Qinfeng did not hype, all feel very happy, because at least will no longer occur Kaixin001 the same thing, because im286 is a home in our home, we all hope that this will not be destroyed, I hope he is getting better and better


3, we consider good to do a website, whether we want to expand the site, if the thought of the future of the site, is thought to be the one and only one domain? Maybe you will say I am a garbage station, the domain name does not matter; in fact, perhaps in the continuous development of the garbage station the round is likely to become a major, independent of the value of the site, so want a good domain name, domain name protection, don’t give a sense of copycat;

I think that when we select a website, a domain name, we should also consider his future, and provide a guarantee for the future. Please protect your domain name.

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