Ma Dong said that entrepreneurship will follow these 3 directions, and will invest in making net red

these days I was the same as before, when they want to see what new movies, these days for a couple of series, but few sets do not want to see, feel no meaning, can let me have that kind of feeling can not see. This ordinary world, when I saw the first day, I felt good because I saw Liyan Tong in it.

specifically, X axis is the most important content in the business line of rice production, including user known “wonderful” and “wonderful come”, and the upcoming “goodbye”, “meat dinner,” white star “temptation” and other files of new network comprehensive program.

after watching, I watched other serials, and I don’t want to watch any more. I don’t feel any fun. These days, it’s almost a day science fiction. It’s really exciting. However, after the stimulation, I also want to see some ordinary things. It is not interesting to see too many science fiction movies. Then I go on to see the ordinary world. I’m addicted to it. I was attracted by the characters in the TV series.

Ma Dongcheng: “a company is the biggest.”

a man can be ordinary, but he can be poor, but some people make me admire him very much, even if he is poor. Like Sun Shaoan, although poor, but good people, filial piety, love, help others, for the future of others, but also let the lover happy, preferring to give up the beloved woman. Like Sun Shaoping, willing to help, even sacrifice themselves, for friends, two ribs knife. Like Tian Fujun, for the people’s sake, even if they were punished.

I prefer watching movies and soap operas. I’m tired every day, and I want to watch a movie at night to relax. If there is a good drama series, I will also keep up with the pace of updating, a little bit of reading. The movie is an important part of my life. It makes me very happy.

is not the Z axis meters media investment layout, nine months, rice has invested some with growth and prospective production team, and at the same time will not have meters of marketing, business negotiations, docking platform experience and resources grafting to these teams, help them grow at the same time. Build mewe media content moat. In Ma Dong’s position, the meter did not serve as a content Ecos Corporation, “just do your own values,” fun is the only routine.”

in this series, many characters make me admire. I feel much like my work style, because I feel that a person, whether he is doing something or something else, must do it well. A man is good, even if he is poor, nothing is terrible. A man is not afraid of poverty, afraid of being bad, so that all people see their own jokes, so that others look down upon.

M. media founder Ma Dong

Sina Technology News June 16th afternoon, the media did not announce the development of the system today, Ma Dong said that the future will be along the content production, derivative brokerage and content investment, such as the 3 major directions for development. This is also the media for the first time the public development direction and train of thought, previously, the creation of 9 months of meters did not media, “wonderful” said.

founder Ma Dong said, from the company’s value core and starting point “interesting” starting, meters will not follow the “XYZ axis” model for development.

but the series didn’t feel interesting after watching a few episodes. It was all about the social background of the mid 70s to the mid 80s of the last century. I like to see a science fiction movie, war, and I don’t think it’s interesting to see the life of these rural people.

I remember there was such a scene, when Sun Shaoping graduated, he was confused, and in the rural areas do not know what to do later. At that time Sun Shaoping and Tian Fujun drink together, Tian Fujun told him, do not be afraid, know what you want, what you can do, what can make contribution for the society, as long as the feeling is right.

Y axis, is on the downstream derivatives business and because of the content, such as the popular digital network health artists brokerage business by Himalaya FM launched is wonderful; pay “talk” audio programs; and for selling “Baba seeds and became a hit in the rice business.

Ma Dong also revealed that the upcoming third new program. “Goodbye” healthy meat reality show, will be broadcast and Youku cooperation, expected to launch in early October of this year; “white star” is from the media talk show will also be broadcast and Youku cooperation; “temptation” dinner will take live + on-demand mode, will be broadcast live on fish in July. In the subsequent September Tencent on-line video on demand. The program will be set up by Ma Dong and mysterious partners personally, inviting friends to perform the final dinner together with All-Star lineup”.

during this period, a TV series called “ordinary world”, this TV “ordinary” let me see the extraordinary people. I love the drama of Tian Fujun saying, “this is the general meaning of life is not how much you see the rich and poor, but you need to know what to do, as long as you think it is the right thing to do.”

it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the content areas continue to develop, and the current popularity of red network brokerage development, the media has not yet opened the layout of the investment. M not official said, has completed the fruit when the media and media companies Mega investment. Among them, when members of the media is “who I am”, “companion” and other outdoor reality show build; the development and production of mega media is committed to the film and television drama, mewe will bring its media into the establishment of the operations team, and help them to film and television drama the depth of incubation.


in addition, this time also revealed fourth quarter “wonderful said” will be in the first quarter of 2017 in Iqiyi line.