Do not even the vegetables

station 100 entertainment station has more than a month, every day in update, Baidu, Google and other search engines are included, but every day if not promotion, IP is very poor.

we all know, IP traffic is a station of the fundamental, no flow where income?. Read a lot of articles on the promotion of the site, but personally feel that most are soft, are on the webmaster Admin5 to promote their own. Write soft text as webmaster, everyone is commonplace, write good, will certainly send their own a ip.

had called the words “made in the original bullets as selling tea, combined with my personal experience, I think the sentence” do not sell vegetables”. I wonder if everyone feels the same way. As a webmaster, in fact, the workload is not less than ordinary people, and even spend twice as much time to manage the website. Also have to care about traffic, do links, join the advertising alliance… Can say busy busy. But we spend so much time standing, there are a few Adsense is profitable. But the vegetables a day also so tired, but the food is sold, the cash receipt. Recently, many webmaster friends said, Google Adsense is becoming more and more difficult to do, and those advertising union given advertising costs are really low, scared to death. So, do not sell vegetables.

maybe a lot of webmaster friends will say, “just making a website is just my interest. I’m just playing.”. You can say that, but do you agree with what you are saying? For example, I started doing my own entertainment. When I told my friends around me, I just studied, studied, paid tuition and learned more about Internet computer. But I still want to make a good station. At last, I can become a profitable station, so that I can satisfy my interest. But the reality is not optimistic, hundreds of entertainment back customers very few, through the search engine visits are also very few, every day have to send their own mail, chat QQ group to do promotion. Although this will also be a point of IP, but the user’s stickiness is very small, perhaps a glance away, and this can be said to be of no value.

website is nothing more than the key to do these aspects: web design, user experience, website promotion, profit model. Among them, website promotion is the most critical, with traffic, this site will be valuable. But how to do the flow of their own station, is undoubtedly many webmaster headache. If my station has flow, I think I will not go to Admin5 hard to write the soft text.

finally add a chain: and this site, hundreds of entertainment want to do more links, interested friends can see my station, appetite, then you can contact me. I’m Q:645244209,