How much do you know about the Shanghai dragon on the long tail keywords you

Hello, my name is warsion, today and everyone together to discuss important factors that enhance the flow of the long tail keywords Shanghai dragon. We all know that Shanghai is an important objective of dragon in order to enhance the search engine to the user traffic, and the user through the search engine into the site of action is through the search keywords, enter the website home page or web page, and the long tail keywords to flow is the most important, and we talk about today to know Shanghai dragon tail the word, long tail keywords and long tail keywords analysis and layout.

many friends do not understand the long tail, that only know the main keywords so that the entire web pages are all around and a key to everyone, for example, for example, one of the main page of this site keywords Shanghai dragon 362 Shenzhen Shanghai dragon, for what he set the main keywords, because of his love of Shanghai some people search index, we do it every day, the same Shanghai dragon is designed to attract the user from the search engine to flow more, as long as the user can search the word, to a certain amount into our website (or platform) basically can be referred to as the long tail keywords, this point I believe Taobao customer friends will be more familiar with, for example, before I have to help friends to do the intelligent mobile phone Shanghai dragon promotion, love Shanghai can search relevant search index Intelligent mobile phone to around 1500, the word love Shanghai index is 289, it is a long tail word, every word search times is 289, if we have a page after Shanghai Dragon into the search engine to the forefront, traffic is inevitable as can be imagined. The long tail word not by fantasy oh, some can be determined by common thinking of their own, but in front of the data, the analysis is particularly important, such as Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing the word love Shanghai index no oh (no does not mean that no one search is just not included in the statistics, the Shanghai index of friends do not understand love can love Shanghai.).




2. how to excavate the long tail keywords.

no search volume or that there is no value of the word is not worth as long tail words of Shanghai dragon, so even if there is no traffic is ranked, so a lot of time keywords is not our imagination, the two methods mentioned here first to fly Darou long tail word mining tools, use: second webmaster tools query love Shanghai index, of course, here refers to the love of Shanghai (Google, another way to talk) to find the value and the word searches, and some words may not love Shanghai index but also some people search, but were not included in the statistical database ranks, the main key words of love Shanghai Shanghai drop-down menu or love >

What is the long tail keywords

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