iPhone 7 has already been jailbroken

first_imgOnce a new iPhone finally hits store shelves, you can count on two things. One is that dozens of torture videos will hit YouTube. The other is that someone will jailbreak it.The first iPhone 7 jailbreak appears to have been achieved, and it reportedly took less than 24 hours to do it. Luca Todesco, better known in the jailbreak community as qwertyoruiop, posted an image on Twitter of his jet black iPhone sitting at a command prompt with root privileges.This is a jailbroken iPhone 7. pic.twitter.com/wa4ZyEpK8o— qwertyoruiop (@qwertyoruiopz) September 21, 2016Then, as you’d naturally expect anyone who just finished jailbreaking an iPhone would do, he got Cydia up and running… and here’s a picture of that very thing: Todesco holding his brand new jet black iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0.1 with Cydia’s about page proudly displayed.…and here’s a video:Yes, it’s entirely possible that this is faked. That sort of thing has happened with some regularity over the years, but Todesco has a solid track record and a strong reputation in the jailbreak community. Even an Apple spokesperson wouldn’t fully discount Todesco’s proclamation of victory. When Motherboard asked if they thought this was the real deal, their spokesperson replied “I don’t but given his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.”They also reiterated their official stance on jailbreaking, which is that nobody should ever tamper with iOS because very bad things can happen. Just about all the iOS malware you’ve heard about, for example, took advantage of jailbroken devices.Now, just because Todesco is showing off his accomplishment that doesn’t mean you should necessarily expect him to release a tool any time soon. He does say, however, that he’s working on delivering the jailbreak via Safari… so there is a chance that a website like jailbreak.me — which worked on the iPhone 4 — could be on the way.last_img